About Us

Atyrau Rauan Public Foundation was established in 2014.

Over the years, along with socially significant projects, the Foundation has been actively involved in humanitarian projects and activities for the good of society, including charity events.

More than 150 low-income families are registered with in our data base.

The Foundation operates through sponsors who provides financial support and volunteers who want to be useful for the good of society.


Atyrau Rauan Public Fund implements 6 main projects:

  1. Going to School
  2. Abundance Abundance, Grace – Bereke
  3. Charity Fair
  4. The very best day
  5. Conscious generation
  6. Sweet home



Organization of charity and humanitarian events, assistance to orphans, the poors and people with low income, the disables.

Development of social projects.

Organization of exhibitions, fairs, festivals, competitions, conferences and other events

Foundation documents:

You can find it on the website of RoK Ministry of Justice

Annual Report