• Organization of charity and humanitarian events, rendering of help to orphans, disabled people and people with low income
  • Developing Social Project

With us you can help the families in the following ways:

  • Dedicate your time to orphans and children from dysfunctional families by distributing food , schools supplies and other essentials.
  • Give away clothes, household appliances for further distribution to the families in need.
  • Make a donation.
  • A list of families in need is obtained from the district akimats and from families applying to the Foundation. Each family is getting surveyed.
  • The purpose of the questionnaire is to assess the condition of the families and identify the real needs. Survey helps to recognise the families living below the poverty line.
  • The Foundation has different areas of assistance. Details can be found in the section “About the Fund”. Throughout various projects, the foundation provides assistance to families in difficult situations, single mothers, and orphans.
  • Currently we operate in Atyrau and Atyrau Regions

There are 6 ways to donate money to the Foundation

  1. By Credit Card
  2. Kaspi Terminals
  3. Through “Donation Envelope”
  4. By cash at cash desk in our office
  5. Bank Transfer to our account
  6. Donation Box . See the “TO HELP” section
  • Donation Envelope are distributed by employees and volunteers of the Foundation among those who want to join in as act of kindness. Having received such envelope, inside you find a description of the needs which money is being raised for. Upon your wish, you put the amount that you consider necessary, seal the envelope and hand it to the person who handed it to you.


  • The Foundation volunteer brings the envelopes with donations to the office. On the approved day by the Foundation Board, we unseal envelopes, record the amounts in accordance with the numbers registered against each envelope in a special journal. Then the total amount is deposited to the Atyrau Rauan Public Foundation bank account.


  • How do we protect a project from fraud at any level? The Foundation’s office maintains strict registration records of all outgoing and incoming envelopes. Each envelope has its own unique number (the same number has a special coupon that remains with the donator) and a blue seal of the Foundation. The people who distribute our “Donation Envelope”, we trust fully. If in doubts, you can contact us and, providing the number of your letter, find out how much has arrived in your envelope. You can volunteer as a witness during the disclosure.
  • A volunteer is a person who wants to help people in need. Volunteer can help with personal vehicles, time and power. Since volunteering is a free will action, they do not receive any salary.
  • If you have made a mistake in the amount of the donation, you can always return the money by contacting the bank you used to make a transfer . The bank will need to contact us at your request. After that, the funds will be refunded to your account.